Monday, November 1, 2010

Kris Kringle

When I first saw this gentleman, I thought he looked familiar... then it occurred to me... he looks like Kris Kringle!  His rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes shine way beyond his attempt to be serious, but I can definitely see a hint of a smile!  This cabinet card had a lot of damage, but I left the damage to his jacket alone - because it looks a bit like snow!  So here you are, to inspire you for the upcoming holiday season... Kris Kringle in "disguise" as an ordinary patron, sitting to have his portrait taken.  Now you know what he wears the other 364 days of the year!


Lululiz said...

YES! It is definitely the man himself. I can so see him wearing his proper clothes! GREAT photo.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that truly IS why he is wearing such a coy smile ... indeed you are correct though, he does so appear to be the image of old St. Nick himself! Caught in the act, I'd say, for he DOES have snow on his incognito apparel! ;)))

Well done, my friend!
Wishing you a most beautiful day ... may fall's enchantment never cease to amaze and dazzle you!

Leslie said...

What a great looking old guy. Old men intrigue me and he's a neat one.
Thanks so much for putting these images up for us to use. I'll definitely do something with him and let you know when I blog it.

Linda said...

What a wonderful face!

Anonymous said...

I actually found someone who loves old cabinet photos as much as I do! Please stop by my blog, i have tons of vintage wedding photos that are available for download to whom ever wants them! Some are pretty funny! Happy Holidays! :)