Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gothic Frame

This lovely Gothic photo surround would make even the most humble of maidens feel like a Queen!

* If you would like a higher resolution of this image to print out at a full 11 inch height, please email me - the file was way too large to include here. *

Pugs on Parade!

For all of you Pug Lovers out there! My favorite is the little chef - could she be mixing up a batch of yummy pancakes? Or cupcakes for Game Day?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Morning Coffee

Looks like someone needs a second cup of coffee!

Feline Greetings

This vintage kitty is waiting to deliver a happy message to an appreciator of all things Feline!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marbled Notepads

Don't you adore beautiful, hand-marbled paper? I'm so glad these "disposable" notebooks were tucked away in an old trunk, allowing me to appreciate the simple elegance given to otherwise mundane, daily tasks of checque-writing and note-taking.

If you should feel inspired to make your own fancy notepad covers, please take a moment to visit Iris Nevins' Hand Marbled Papers. Her papers will amaze and inspire you - they really are beyond description.

Railroad Ephemera

I used to think of these as being quite quaint... then I remembered the ferry schedule I have squirreled away in the door of the car - and the abbreviated "wallet version" I made by cutting out our pertinent portion of the schedule!


Can you imagine your realtor handing you a coupon that would entitle you to a $5 discount upon purchase of a house or plot of land? And, imagine the joy of being able to blot out those "Mis-fit Shirt" memories once and for all!