Sunday, March 4, 2012

Singer Ad Card

Ah, the wonder of owning a Singer Sewing Machine in the 1920s!  I love this trade advertising card - mostly because of the gorgeous yellow warbler... but also because the ad promises you can make the dress of your dreams in one "happy afternoon!"  Just love that.  The original card measures 4.5 by 6 inches.  Note that at that size, the egg is depicted at "natural size" and the warbler is at "3/4 size."  Isn't that sweet?

Artist Palette

I'm not sure what year this pretty die-cut palette was published.  The original is lightly embossed, plain on the back, approximately 6 inches in length, and includes the "My Hopes in Thee" sentiment.  I've removed the sentiment for the versions below so you can add your own sweet message.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

1910 Farm Scene

This distinguished gentleman is my great-grandfather, Charles Lyman Whalen, taken on the Minich family farm in Carlisle, IN circa 1910.  I love the textures in this photo, especially the sheep's curly locks and the ruggedness of the barn boards.  "Pete" always dressed up, even when on the farm.

Vintage Bird Cards I - Bullfinch

Vintage Bird Cards I - Blackbird

Vintage Bird Cards I - Chaffinch

Vintage Bird Cards I - Originals